A downloadable game for Windows

A little girl finds a new groove with the help of some forest friends

This game was made for the HexCode Game Jam 2020 by:

David Bokser - Design, Programming, Animation
Josh Burton - Rigging, Animation, Set Dressing
Sarah Besserer - UI, 2D Art
Darius Yeager - Music, Sound Design
Matt Berenty - Additional Shading/Lighting
Kynan Pearson - Level Design, Additional Modeling
Brian Lyndal - Additional Concept

Rigs made with CGM Toolbox downloadable at http://cgmonastery.com

Built in Unity with Assets from:

Character Controller - Invector - 3rd Person Controller
Environment Models - SYNTY Studios - POLYGON Nature Pack
Animal Models - POLYDACTYL - Quirky Series
Shaders - Jean Moreno (JMO) - Toony Colors Pro 2

To Play:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Use WASD or Controller to move
  3. Use the corresponding button prompts to the beat to play the drum


GrooveInTheGrove.zip 62 MB


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this is a great game i love the rythem!

Thank you!

Wow! Hope to see this on iOS store! Perfectly executed on all levels, bravo!

thank you! :)

Wonderful music and visuals. All the objects really stood out from one another in this color pallet. 

good free game

Very cute! I particularly enjoyed the frog companion