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A - Move Left
D - Move Right
Space - Jump
Mouse - Move pointer
Left Click - Interact with pointer
F - Change Gender
Hold R - Reload Level

X-Box 360 Controller

Left analog stick - Move
A - Jump
Right Analog Stick - Move pointer
X - Interact with pointer


A mathematical platformer full of action, adventure, and... education? Guide your hero through a temple full of ancient and mysterious symbols. Interact with those symbols and watch the ground beneath you shift, openning up paths to previously unreachable areas.

The mystery of the Ancient Doohickey is a prototype educational game made in 1 week for the Austin Educational Game Jam.


Producer - Hector Aranda

Engineering/Level Design - Joe Houston (@PandaMittens)

Engineering/Animation - David Bokser (@dbokser)

Modeling/Art - Bob Wallace (@Screwball_Otis)

Sound and Music - Jeff McMillen

Install instructions

Play in the browser or download the zip file, extract, and run the doohickey.exe application. Keyboard and Mouse/XBox360 controllers are supported, and controls are written above.


AncientDoohickey.zip 25 MB